(I) LetYourMoneyGrow.com serves advanced (and not advanced but willing-to-learn) retail traders and investors. Our main mission is to provide a powerful, transparent and easy-to-use quantitative toolbox for stock selection and portfolio optimization. Our distinction is that we do make it transparent and do explain how it works and how to use it. In order to engage our tools efficiently you need to know some math and have basic financial knowledge, which you can acquire from our succinct and intuitive lessons.
It is plausible to trust us because we 1) do not sell you any asset or financial product and 2) do not promise to make you rich with little efforts from your side.

(Ia) If you don't want to manage your wealth on your own, we provide you with a toolset to choose properĀ actively-managedĀ funds. It is true that 95% of them cannot even beat the benchmark but we rule them out and let you choose among 5% that can!
A common belief that allegedly nobody can beat the market is disproved by Warren Buffet and many other successful wealth managers. Another common belief that a passive investmentĀ will grow in the long term is disproved by Japanese Nikkei.

(II) Our second goal is to provide valuable market analytics. Contrary to the majority of financial webportals we clearly understand that retail investors are overloaded with information. Thus our approach is "perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away". We provide brief and informative reports, preferably from experts with a proven track record.

(III) Last but not least we strive to create an involved peer financial community. There are uncountable communities in social networks and some of them are really big but usually there is little activity and even less involvement. We definitely prefer a thousand of (inter)active members than a million of passive profiles.