Quantitative Toolbox

Finance is about money and "money loves to be counted" (a Russian proverb). Doing math is a powerful and the cheapest way to improve your finance and grow your wealth! You even don't need to calculate anything by yourself, our toolset will do it for you. If you have a suggestion what can be added or improved, feel free to tell us your ideas!

1. Option Calculator – estimate the future value of an option
Do you trade options? Quickly estimate and visualize the future option fair value, depending on future underlying price and (implied) volatility.
(German / Deutsche Version gibt es hier)

2. Scenario simulator for Vanguard optimal Portfolio.
Got your ETF recommendation from the Vanguard Group?
Estimate its expected return and possible risks!

3. Do you contribute to compulsory social security (state pension system)?
Check your profits or losses from the PV point of view (for USA and for Germany)!

4. Are you a German mortgager or are you going to invest in German real estate market? Calculate the mortgage schedule (Tilgungsplan) and estimate the interest rate risk!

5. (For future German Pensioners / Für zukünftige Deutsche Rentner) Hast Du Angst vor der Rentenarmut? Berechne, welches Vermögen Du als Privatinvestor aufbauen kannst!

6. Do you consider offering a savings plan (Sparplan)? Generally, a good idea! But check your risks with our savings plan scenario simulator!

7. Calculate CAGR of your 401(k) savings plan or depot / Berechne die Rendite deines Sparplans bzw. den Effektivzins eines beliebigen Cashflow ohne Teilauszahlungen.