Reproducing a Pseudo-Random Walk down the Wall Street

Malkiel affirms that the stock returns follow the random walk. Lo and MacKinlay retort they do not.
In this post I show how a mean-reverting process can be efficiently disguised as a random walk. Most likely, the market does follow a similar disguise-pattern (at least sometimes).
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JuniorDepot15 – Reaching 13.75% CAGR with stockpicking

Elle got started with her savings plan in Jan 2018 with a monthly installment of €100. Now she has sufficient trading capital, so that (taking broker fees into account) the stock picking may make sense. She tried to make her hands dirty with stock selection and earned €139,53 gain or 8.6% return in less than a month! The CAGR of her savings plan is currently 13.75% Continue reading "JuniorDepot15 – Reaching 13.75% CAGR with stockpicking"