JuniorDepot31 – Experiment Termination

Since DeGiro announced closure of Elle's depot on May 15, 2022 she had to optimally close her positions before this date. Unfortunately, the announcement of depot termination coincided with market correction and further macroeconomic risks due to Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Thus the achieved CAGR is just 2.06%, not 6% as pursued. Still it is much better than a bank deposit with zero (or even negative) rate and given the permanent deterioration of DeGiro the result is not that bad.
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JuniorDepot29 – (Over)archieving the Financial Plan (thanks to AI and NI)

Since we did not report about Elle's progress for more than a year, the readers of letYourMoneyGrow.com might have thought that we have terminated our experiment of growing a 7 (currently 11) years young girl as an investor. Nope, not at all! As a matter of fact we worked hard on creation and test of a deep neural network for the stock (pre)selection. And it did work, our CAGR goal is (over)achieved!
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JuniorDepot28 – Catching-Up the Target CAGR and Beating the DAX

DAX, the German main stock index, fell on the 2nd lockdown in October but quickly recovered in November 2020. Elle made use of this movement, both achieving her target rate of return and beating the DAX. Continue reading "JuniorDepot28 – Catching-Up the Target CAGR and Beating the DAX"

JuniorDepot27 – Profitable but Still Worse than DAX, so far…

Last weeks Elle was inactive, patiently waiting for an opportunity to buy cheaply. It came with a "common" September correction. Still Elle stays very cautious because this time the October (the most volatile month on average) will definitely be extremely volatile due to President elections in USA. Continue reading "JuniorDepot27 – Profitable but Still Worse than DAX, so far…"

JuniorDepot26 – A Calm Before the Storm

Elle's portfolio stagnates, slipping slightly to loss due to the USD weakness. We were risk averse and missed the (exuberant) growth of the last month. However, after the publication of macroeconomic data the market seems to start oping its eyes. Continue reading "JuniorDepot26 – A Calm Before the Storm"

JuniorDepot23 – COVID Crash impacts Elle’s Portfolio but not her Optimism

Unfortunately we (i.e. I) have misestimated the Corona-Virus impact. Elle's portfolio experiences a severe drawdown. Still we are happy that it happened in the beginning (rather than in the end) of our savings plan.
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