Gallery of TTOP – triangle tops according to Lo et al 8/8

We finish publishing the visual results from Vasily Nekrasov's attempt to reproduce the results from "Foundations of Technical Analysis: Computational Algorithms, Statistical Inference, and Empirical Implementation" by Lo, Mamaysky and Wang(2000). Continue reading "Gallery of TTOP – triangle tops according to Lo et al 8/8"

Why German real estate market will likely crash

growing rates will crash the German residence market

German residential market is booming due to extremely low interest rates and, respectively, very cheap mortgages. But if the rates grow, the market is going to crash! For instance, a current rate for 10 year mortgage without a downpayment is about 2%. A new rural house costs about €300000. A typical borrower can pay about €1000 monthly installment + €5000 extra redemption in the end of year. If the rate jumps to 4%, the house price will drop to €246303, i.e. 17.9% (this is just estimation, however, it is not implausible). And additionally the residual debt refinancing costs will increase by €31762 (this is a precise calculation).

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A Russian Frank Cowperwood: Oleg Barmin’s case from risk management point of view

Oleg Barmin Book - КнигаБарминаAs I read Oleg Barmin's book "Я помню всех, кто мне когда-то не перезвонил" (I remember everybody who once did not call me back) I saw a lot of parallel to Theodore Dreiser's Financier Frank Cowperwood (Charles Yerkes). Like Cowperwood (who being a teenager bought and re-sold a soap with profit), teeny Barmin bought a frozen fish, smoked it and re-sold with profit. In the age of 21 he built a flourishing car business ... and like Cowperwood was wiped by crisis and was imprisoned (however, only on remand). Like Cowperwood, he rose again (in florist business). Though Barmin had not (yet) built something like London Subway, he is only 35 and who knows, maybe we will see more parallels with Cowperwood...
In spite of such praising summary the post is going to be critical: we will concentrate on what Oleg missed from risk management point of view.

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Gold down -3%, silver -5% – an opportunity to buy?

Well, if you have no position, then likely yes (as usual, start gradually, with 1% or 2% of your trading capital). I bought today, unfortunately a little bit prematurely. If tomorrow the prices recoil, I will halve my position. But I don't regret the purchase, anyway, it is a good diversification for my stock portfolio.