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    Vasily Nekrasov

    Neuralstem, Inc is down by -30%.
    The stock exists for a decade and has recovered from a significant drawdown several times. The only problem that really embarrasses me: the stock has never been profitable. But if it did not confuse the market during 10 years, I bet risk $100.

    Vasily Nekrasov

    Code to generate the last chart using data from AlphaVantage

      avUrl = paste0("<yourAPIkey>")
        dat <- fromJSON(avUrl)
        nms = names(dat$"Time Series (Daily)")
        N = length(nms)
        dates = as.POSIXlt(nms)
        OHLCV = array(0.0, dim=c(N,8))
        for(n in 1:N)
          OHLCV[n, 1] = as.double((dat$"Time Series (Daily)")[[n]]$"1. open")
          OHLCV[n, 2] = as.double((dat$"Time Series (Daily)")[[n]]$"2. high") 
          OHLCV[n, 3] = as.double((dat$"Time Series (Daily)")[[n]]$"3. low")
          OHLCV[n, 4] = as.double((dat$"Time Series (Daily)")[[n]]$"4. close")
          OHLCV[n, 6] = as.double((dat$"Time Series (Daily)")[[n]]$"5. adjusted close")
          OHLCV[n, 5] = as.double((dat$"Time Series (Daily)")[[n]]$"6. volume")
          OHLCV[n, 7] = as.double((dat$"Time Series (Daily)")[[n]]$"7. dividend amount")
          OHLCV[n, 8] = as.double((dat$"Time Series (Daily)")[[n]]$"8. split coefficient")
    curStock = as.quantmod.OHLC(zoo(OHLCV[, 1:6],, col.names = c("Open", "High", "Low", "Close", "Volume", "Adjusted"))
    Vasily Nekrasov

    Closed the position with ca. -$50 loss. A position in a similar gambler stock was closed with ca. $100 profit, so in total won $50 on $300 investment. Per se not bad but in context of the drawdown that had to be tolerated – nothing good. And of course I hoped for a better pay-off from this lottery.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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