Osram (DE000LED4000) jumps 11% – acquisition offer from China – I sold the stock

According to the news a Chinese company San'an Optoelectronics has offered about €70 per share and the acquisition is "in all likelyhood". Osram provides no comments.

Current stock price is about €60, i.e. still far away from €70 ... but I sold. Why? Well, I know a little bit the Chinese manner to negotiate and what Chinese "in all likelyhood" means (in no way I mean to be negative, I just mean their negotiation manner is different from what we got used to in the west). Thus I used the opportunity and fixed profit (+17.03% per position, +0.11% in portfolio context). I am quite sure the speculation (in both senses of this word) will persist and going to watch this stock.

Today I replaced at home the last filament lamp with an LED bulb 🙂

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