JuniorDepot24 – A Gradual Recovery

Elle's timing during the Corona-Crisis was premature and lead to a significant drawdown. However, her depot recovers gradually. We accumulate cash, awaiting the 2nd wave of COVID-19.

Elles portfolio currently looks as follows

Currently it is worth picking up individual stocks, despite the broker fees that we have to pay (and which can spare by more than 200 ETFs). So we have recently fixed 50% (€60) profit by DISH Network Corp. We also sold TUI with a small loss of 5% (€-19); TUI is a good company, however, it is too fragile in Coronavirus world.

We expect the peak of the pandemy as an opportunity to re-enter the market. We a happy about the current market recovery, however, we find it too exuberant: 40m job claims in US, US economy shrinks 4.8% (German even 6.6%) but S&P 500 at previous year level?! It seems even more stupid than the drastic market fall 2 months ago!

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