JuniorDepot25 – Profitable Again

Elle's depot turned back to profitability thanks to recent exuberant market growth. We closed most of our positions and await a drop after a pretty groundless euphoria.

We still keep the stocks of Drillisch (due to 5G, which must be a trend in the [post]-corona world), K+S (due to P/B=0.2) and ViacomCBS (whose fundamentals are overall excellent)

Of course the current profit of €25.77 is not what we wanted: expecting mean return of 6% p.a. we should have had approximately €400.
However, we are quite sure we will soon get a good opportunity. Look at the DAX growth:

In our opinion pretty groundless: we have reported about economy shrinkage in our previous post. Ok, the good news is that EU will print another €1.5 trn. It will save some companies from the bankruptcy but will it really reanimate the real economy?! And there are also enough bad news: first of all a violent George Floyd street protests in USA (how can retail sector grow if they plunder the shops?!). And Brexit tends to NoDeal 2.0! And the trade war with China is not over... And the market can stay irrational much longer than you can stay solvent. But this time is different, isn't it?!

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