Screening DeGiro free ETFs – 5 months later

On 3rd September 2017 we published a gallery of 21 ETFs and ETCs, which can/could* be traded (one a month) free of charge by our broker DeGiro. We always encourage you not to forget the past, so we publish current charts of these ETFs and you can see how things went on.

Recall that we have chosen the ETFs that in our opinion might either trend or revert after a significant drop. However, we emphasized that it was a very preliminary analysis and that chart screening is a complement (not a substitution) of the fundamental analysis.

Anyway, the results are as follows:

[1] TAN - US18383Q7390 - GUGGENHEIM SOLAR ETF - uptrend continued, +18%

[2] RJA - US8702976031 - AB SVENSK EKPORTKREDIT - stagnated

[3] PPLT - US26922V1017 - ETFS PHYSICAL PLATINUM - stagnated (with a significant drawdown in between)

[4] GLTR - US26922W1099 - ETFS PHYSICAL PRECIOUS - stagnated, -3%

[5] SIVR - US26922X1072 - ETFS Silver Trust, - stagnated (with a significant drawdown in between), -2%

[6] JO - US06739H2976 - iPath Dow Jones-UBS Coffee Subindex Total Return ETN, jumped up but then continued in downtrend, -10%

[7] EWZ - US4642864007 - ISHARES MSCI BRAZIL CAPPED ETF - stagnated but still +7%

[8] EZA - US4642867802 - ISHARES MSCI SOUTH AFRICA, - trended up, +15%

[9] IBB - US4642875565 - ISHARES NASDAQ BIOTECH - N/A, inconsistent data by AlphaVantage

[10] STPZ - US72201R2058 - PIMCO 1-5 Year U.S. TIPS Index Exchange-Traded Fund, stagnated

[11] DBC - US73935S1050 - POWERSHARES DB COMMODITIES - trended up, +13%

[12] DBE - US73936B1017 - POWERSHARES DB ENERGY - trended up, +25%

[13] DBP - US73936B2007 - POWERSHARES DB PRECIOUS METALS FUND - trend broke at resistance level, -3%

[14] PXI - US73935X3851 - POWERSHARES DWA ENERGY, almost perfect reversal, +30%

[15] PBW - US73935X5005 - POWERSHARES WILDERHILL, N/A, inconsistent data by AlphaVantage

[16] QLD - US74347R2067 - PROSHARES ULTRA QQQ, N/A, inconsistent data by AlphaVantage

[17] XES - US78464A7485 - SPDR S&P OIL & GAS EQUIPMENT & SERVICES ETF, almost perfect reversal, +30%

[18] MORL - US90269A3023 - ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged Mortgage REIT ETN, first grew a little bit but then went down, -11%

[19] "UNG - US9123182019 - UNITED STATES NATURAL GAS FUND LP UNIT, N/A, inconsistent data by AlphaVantage

[20] "VNM - US92189F8178 - VANECK VECTORS VIETNAM ETF- almost perfect reversal, +33%

[21] "DEM - US97717W3152 - WISDOMTREE EMERGING MARKETS HIGH DIVIDEND FUND - trended up (after a temporal dip), +10%

*some of them, e.g. JO (a coffee ETC) is not available anymore due to PRIIPs (yet another regulation package).

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