DeGiro hat die Liste der kostenfreien ETFs aktualisiert – Stand 31.03.2018

DeGiro ist der günstigste Broker in Deutschland, der nicht nur die kleinsten Gebühren hat, sondern auch bietet viele ETFs quasi kostenlos an. Leider sind viele davon wegen PRIIPs für EU-Privatinvestoren unzugänglich geworden. DeGiro hat die Liste aktualisiert. Zwar sind von 700 nur 200 geworden, ist es nach wie vor für Privatanleger mehr als genug.
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Market Data Quality – Beware the Splits and Dividends

Recently we made an ex-post analysis of our ETF screening efficiency and detected the price data inconsistency for 4 of 21 ETFs in question. Having a closer look at these ETFs, we explain the causes of inconsistency and emphasize that your trading strategy is only as good as your data (quality controls) are! Continue reading "Market Data Quality – Beware the Splits and Dividends"

Screening DeGiro free ETFs – 5 months later

On 3rd September 2017 we published a gallery of 21 ETFs and ETCs, which can/could* be traded (one a month) free of charge by our broker DeGiro. We always encourage you not to forget the past, so we publish current charts of these ETFs and you can see how things went on. Continue reading "Screening DeGiro free ETFs – 5 months later"

ETFs don’t save (and indeed increase) costs in long term

Apologists of the passive investment claim: stock ETFs save the costs. Indeed they saved costs as broker fees were high. But now they don't, in fact they increase them! Of course sometimes there is no alternative to an ETF/ETC/ETN, e.g. if you want to invest in commodity market. But if you can buy stocks with low broker fees, you should do it directly.
ETF Apologeten behapten: die Aktien-ETF sparen Kosten. Tatsache ist: die sparten die Kosten, als Brokergebühren noch hoch waren. Aktuell ist es nicht mehr der Fall, langfristig sind die Kosten bei den Aktien-ETF sogar höher als beim Direktkauf. Continue reading "ETFs don’t save (and indeed increase) costs in long term"

Screening DeGiro free ETFs

Yesterday we celebrated our first anniversary and mentioned that we are going to make the asset screening as automatic as possible. But it is a long (or at least mid) term project but time and tide wait for no man. Thus we made for you a manual pre-screening of about 600 ETFs that can be traded on NYSE or NASDAQ via DeGiro without broker fees (except the so-called modality payments, which are though negligible).
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