PropellerAds delivers Bullshit and Malware – avoid it!

By we also want to grow our own money, thus we tried to put Propeller Ads on our pages. But we pursue a win-win collaboration with our readers and never grow our money at their costs. Had Propeller Ads "merely" delivered a bullshit, we would just silently abandon it. But it also supplies malware, thus we feel obliged to apologize to our readers. Fortunately, there is virtually no danger since we promptly removed all PropellerAds content from our website.

Looking for an alternative/complement to GoogleAds we come by PropellerAds. On one site (we provide no link because we do not want to raise its rank) they write: Propeller Ads specializes in monetizing websites for the following niches: entertainment, videos/movies, games, dating, finances, software, gambling and more. Well, gambling made us a little bit cautious but on the other hand even GoogleAds sometimes supplies a dubious advertisement like cryptocurrencies, binary options, etc. Since we have little control over it, we consider these "temptating" ads as a test for our readers: whether they learnt well that there is no quick and easy money on the market. And fortunately such banners are pretty rare, usually Google supplies serious ads, e.g. of ComDirect or Ing-DiBa (which we use ourselves) or Scalable (which we don't use but recognize its ethics).

PropellerAds attracted us with a promising approach to ads delivery. They offer an advertisement via browser notifications (Native Subscriptions in their own terms), popups/popunders and direct links (to which a publisher shall redirect his audience in order to get paid).
We hoped that PropellerAds will automatically recognize the thematics of and will supply high-quality finance ads. No way!

Here is an example of a bullshit, which one gets.

Note that these "notifications" are not marked as ads (contrary, Google Ads always are). So a user might think that supplied this "content"
To give you more info of what kind of content is delivered, we recorded this short video from our screen.

But even worse is that PropellerAds advertisers push the malware via direct links!
This site tries to force you to install its malicious addin to Firefox, whereas you cannot close it unless engage the task manager and kill the Firefox process!

Fortunately we never put PropellerAds direct links on our pages and quickly removed all its browser notifications stuff. According to PropellerAds statistics (as fas as one can trust it) nobody (besides our test computer and smartphone) was impacted. But if you were, you can quickly revoke the browser notification permit as follows

Once again our apologies for this accident!

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