JuniorDepot26 – A Calm Before the Storm

Elle's portfolio stagnates, slipping slightly to loss due to the USD weakness. We were risk averse and missed the (exuberant) growth of the last month. However, after the publication of macroeconomic data the market seems to start oping its eyes.

Elle's current portfolio looks as follows:

We sold 1&1 Drillisch at the resistance level of €24 (the July close price is €22,48). And we bought Carnival (CCL), which is alledgedly the least distressed sea cruise company (amond RCL, CCL and NCLH).
The US Treasury ETF SPPX is driven up by bond dynamics but the negative effect of USD weakness is stronger.

Anyway, Mr. Market is really mad but sooner or later it [likely?] will get rational. All Elle needs to do is stay solvent till this moment, so we continue to wait patiently.

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