Einstein von Wikifolio hat ca. €2.500.000 Trading-Kapital

Einstein, der Trader Nr. 1 bei Wikifolio, wessen Performance wir früher ausführlich gereviewt haben, teilt sehr sparsam die Information über sich selbst. Jedoch unter dem Emotionsdruck verplappert sich sogar der Einstein. Dadurch haben wir festgestellt, dass er ca. €2,5 Mio Handelskapital hat und sein Wikifolio wahrscheinlich ziemlich nah zu seinem privaten Depot liegt. Continue reading "Einstein von Wikifolio hat ca. €2.500.000 Trading-Kapital"

Einstein’s rating agency: easy and clear for everyone

Recently we revied the performance of Einstein, a German trader who managed (without a leverage) to make almost 2000% in less than three years. LetYourMoneyGrow.com translates his investment grades in layman's terms:

  1. Tenbagger - the stock will grow ten times within 3 years.
  2. Doubler - the stock will grow twice with a year
  3. Outperformer - the stock will be better than peer group by factor 2
  4. Money - one may but not necessarily need to buy the stock
  5. No-hoper - one will neither lose nor earn money with this stock
  6. Pinocchio - the board does not get along with the truth
  7. Brief - one may but not necessarily need to sell the stock short
  8. Short - one can earn money if sells this stock short
  9. Snot - avoid buying this stock, do sell it short!
  10. Snot to the power of 10 - target zero, total loss, blacklist and megashort!

Einstein – a star trader on Wikifolio, who can beat the market

Summary: In our previous post we reviewed Wikifolio.com, a FinTech project that lets everybody build a proven track record. Today we review the performance of Einstein's portfolio "Platintrader 1000% Leidenschaft" and explain why his performance is a matter of trading mastership, not of just luck.

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