FinTech-Days Stuttgart – Schwabenland wacht auf

Baden-Württemberg (und insb. das Schwabenland) ist die reichste Region Deutschlands. Jedoch sind wir im Sinne von FinTech (noch) nicht führend. Dank Stuttgart Financial, Börse Stuttgart, L-Bank, VentureZphere und zahlreiche Sponsors und Teilnehmer holen wir nach. Continue reading "FinTech-Days Stuttgart – Schwabenland wacht auf"

Stripping down the robo-advisors: sparrow-brains inside

Robo Advisor - Sparrow Brains


  • Robo-advisors promise the risk profiling in a few easy steps, which is unrealistic both from mathematical and behavioral points of view.
  • The "optimal" portfolios are usually based on Markowitz-like models, which are inapplicable in practice due to their extreme numerical sensitivity to the market parameters estimation errors.
  • Robo-advisors lure investors with low management fees but minimizing fees and maximizing the wealth is not the same. Moreover, the compound costs are not so small in the long term.
  • A positive side: Robo-advisers do not (yet) foist toxic financial products upon you.

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