letYourMoneyGrow.com is one year (and one day) old!

One year ago we launched letYourMoneyGrow.com and we already can report some achievements!
1.  We have created and keep developing our Quantitative Toolbox.  In particular, you will not find suchlike Option Calculator with scenario simulation or mortgage calculator with estimation of the interest rate risk anywhere else.
2. Thanks to Einstein, we disproved the stupid mantra that allegedly "nobody can be better than the market". On the other hand we have shown that many "solid" institutional asset managers and [self-proclaimed] stock market "gurus" cannot beat the market. Thus, only track record matters!
3. We have demonstrated, first of all by the example of IREX, how a quantitative performance analysis can help by investment decisions. At least in case of IREX it was clear that the guy will fail and he recently did!

Our next big goal is to automatize the asset screening as much as possible.Generally, trading shall not take much time in case of a retail investor with relatively small capital. Though we believe that the final trading and investment decisions should be made very thoroughly, the stock screening and pre-selection should be as automatic as possible (otherwise the returns with not be worth the efforts).

However, this is a big project and we need your help:
1. Don't hesitate to actively participate in forums. It helps to keep regular audience and attracts new users.  Finally, we also want our returns to be worth the efforts.
2. Please don't disable and don't ignore the advertisement on our website. Google usually serves pretty relevant ads, so it is quite probable that an advertisement will be interesting for you. We want to keep letYourMoneyGrow.com free of charge and this is only possible if the ads generate a sufficient income.
3. If you would like to write a post or contribute program code, feel free to contact us!

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