JuniorDepot14 – Getting Profitable Again and Training Patience

Elle's portfolio has recovered with the recent rise of the markets. We fortunately closed all positions near their recent maxima, Elle again makes profit.
Currently, we watch the market carefully but don't hurry up to open the new positions. If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by (Sun Tzu).

First of all we have to admit, we are quite joyful to have our temporary losses recovered.
19.70 Euro is though not that much but still it is approximately 2.3% annualized. Moreover, we managed to close all positions near their recent maxima!

By the way, our broker DeGiro finally manages to calculate the PnL correctly: in total we have deposited 1501 EUR, the current NAV is 1520.70 EUR and the PnL is 19.70 EUR - bingo! In the past there were some discrepancies, first of all due to modality fees.

And further? Well, we do not know (yet). We expect that the (German) market will continue its correction. But even if it keeps growing, we already have enough money to make trading with single stocks feasible (reminder: we can trade many ETFs and ETCs without broker fees but for the stocks we have to pay them). And first of all we are watching the automotive. The expected turnaround has not occurred (so far) and the market might stay irrational for a long time. But we have 10 years till Elle's majority age :).

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