12 Consistentently Profitable Automatic FX Strategies

We consider 12 most popular and/or mostly discussed fully automated forex trading stratagies on myfxbook.com. This case study clearly shows that it is possible to consistently make money by forex trading. Of course it does not mean that it is easy.  Continue reading "12 Consistentently Profitable Automatic FX Strategies"

If you got an offer from a Forex Fund Manager

If you got an offer (via a social media) to provide money for an FX managed account and share the profit then you most likely encounter a scammer. However, not always. Recently, we got two offers and by these examples we explain how to distinguish a typical scammer from a trader, who likely does make money. Continue reading "If you got an offer from a Forex Fund Manager"

R-script for Fixer.io – get FX rates in R for 31 currencies

Even if you are not a Forex trader, it is often necessarily to get currency exchange rates, e.g. if you trade [the options on] foreign stocks.  Fixer.io provides daily FX-rates from European Central Bank for 31 currencies via JSON API. We present a script to get data in R.
Continue reading "R-script for Fixer.io – get FX rates in R for 31 currencies"